🌻Thanks for supporting my art adventure!🌻
🌻Thanks for supporting my art adventure!🌻
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Do you ship internationally?
As of right now, I only ship domestic in the U.S. and its territories.

Do you do custom artworks?
I do! I do custom coasters, coaster sets, portraits, and animal paintings or drawings. There are going to be five commissions slots available monthly starting on the 20th of each month! Email for more information!

How do I save a commission spot?
Send me an email, stating your name and best email. Give information on the custom set or artwork you are requesting. 
My name is Del Sandlin. The best email to reach me at is delsandlinartistry@gmail.com.
I am interested in securing a spot for the September commissions. I would like to request a set of six custom coasters. 
Thank you for your time,
Your Name
You will receive an email saying whether your commission was accepted or not, and the next steps. If you get accepted, the email will contain other information that needs to be filled out such as the types of flowers, the colors, size, etc.

I didn't get a commission slot...what now?
Submit your request again one time when the slots have reopened next month. I will take into account repeat orders. As the site grows, there will be more commission slots available each month. If there is extra time in the month, I will also select the next sent in commission.

What if I need to cancel my commission?
There will be a cancellation fee depending on the size of the requested project and how completed the project was before cancellation.