šŸŒ»Thanks for supporting my art adventure!šŸŒ»
šŸŒ»Thanks for supporting my art adventure!šŸŒ»
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Custom Orders

Here you will find all of the custom orders! These are not for sale (NFS) as they are fulfilled requests by other customers. These are all hand cut and sanded by me, so they come in a stackable design. You can order a single custom coaster, or up to a set of six!

I also have a love of doing portraiture, and am happy to create drawings, paintings, or more of your loved ones. Pets are included! Order a customĀ portrait of your fuzzy friend!

Ā Ā 

If you would like to order a custom set or work or art, or have any questions regarding pricing of custom sets and others, feel free to contact me at :